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Avoid getting scammed use Meriden Locksmith
Scam artists are everywhere today and Meriden Locksmith has some tips for you to stop from getting scammed. Many locksmith businesses are working only for themselves and don’t care about the customer like Meriden Locksmith does. Here are some tips from Meriden Locksmith if you can’t use us as your primary locksmith, so you don’t get caught in a scam.

Make sure the address supplied by the Meriden Locksmith is a real address with a storefront. Did you just drive out into the middle of nowhere and see a shed? Meriden Locksmith is scamming you, they have no storefront, and the business is probably from home. Always check on the Meriden Locksmith store front, go in, chat with the Meriden Locksmith employees and make sure they’re legit.

Meriden Locksmith

When you call the Meriden Locksmith make sure that your phone call isn’t redirected to a call center. If they have a dispatch, that’s good, but a call center is a definite no! Ideally you want one of the locksmith’s from Meriden Locksmith to pick up and speak to you about their services and why you should choose Meriden Locksmith for all your security and locksmithing needs.

Check to see if the locksmith’s at Meriden Locksmith are licensed. Though licensing isn’t required everywhere, it does show that the Meriden Locksmith is legit, they have no criminal background and they have extra education, training, and they’re renewing their certificates every two years. While looking around for a good Meriden Locksmith, don’t go with the most inexpensive, or cheapest Meriden Locksmith. They could be using older technologies that don’t work as well, and could cause more damage to your house or car than good. Price does matter with Meriden Locksmith.

Make sure when you call Meriden Locksmith they answer the phone using a business name. If they are run out of a house, or using a cell phone, they may not answer with their business name and it could be a potential scam. Also, find a reliable Meriden Locksmith before you need their services, rather than calling around frantically the day you need one. Get peace of mind.

Meriden Locksmith

Meet the locksmith from Meriden Locksmith at the storefront and see what is in the store, how organized it is and if you’d trust them with your money and security. Don’t be afraid to ask Meriden Locksmith for a copy of their insurance certificate, showing Meriden Locksmith is responsible for damages. Don’t sign a waiver that says you are responsible! If Meriden Locksmith asks you to sign a blank invoice, turn the other way and high tail it out.

Meriden Locksmith

Look up Meriden Locksmith on rating websites online. Word of mouth is a good way to spread information about Meriden Locksmith. There are always going to be a few bad apples, but if the feedback is 99% good for Meriden Locksmith, you’ll be fine. Meriden Locksmith should never ask you to pay cash and not give a receipt and lastly, don’t trust mobile locksmith’s!