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What to look for while Meriden Locksmith does a security assessment

At Meriden Locksmith we guarantee that our free security assessment is, in fact, 100% free! Meriden Locksmith will send one of their talented locksmith’s to your home to assess it and give recommendations on how to make it more secure, what you have going on that is good, and what should probably be repaired or replaced. Meriden Locksmith cannot stress how important it is that this visit be free for the client, not just a money-maker for a scam artist locksmith. A large business is an exception, because there can be hours of work necessary. For a regular security assessment, it takes Meriden Locksmith about 30 minutes.

First, Meriden Locksmith will assess all of the door and window locks, making sure they open and close nicely and aren’t in danger of breaking, or already are broken. Don’t worry if you see Meriden Locksmith taking notes, he or she will do this for every aspect of the house to keep a detailed record, which goes into our confidential files. Meriden Locksmith doesn’t share this information with anybody outside their building, and only certain personnel have access to it. This means that Meriden Locksmith severely restricts who can see what, even inside the Meriden Locksmith headquarters.

The Meriden Locksmith will examine the yard, and shed, if you have one. If you have an existing alarm system, Meriden Locksmith will check it out, and all of it’s functions, to make sure it’s working correctly because the last thing you want in an emergency is a broken alarm. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also checked, too. The Meriden Locksmith will look through your doors and windows from the inside and out to see how much of the house can be seen accidentally. Meriden Locksmith may tell you to put up extra curtains or keep valuables out of certain locations after doing this check.

After the inside of the house is checked out and recorded, Meriden Locksmith will check your vehicles lock and unlock system, and remote control, if you have one. The garage will also be checked for vulnerabilities. It is recommended by Meriden Locksmith hat you don’t store valuables in the garage. It is too much of a security risk and can be confusing for insurance agents.